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Life and the creative process are about the journey, not the destination. I love working with colour and texture and can get totally 'lost' in the creative process. Variety keeps my creative juices flowing. We are currently traveling full time in a 40' motorhome and bouncing between visits with a son in Albuquerque NM and a son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Calgary AB. In between we are busy exploring this great continent on which we live. It's a challenge working from my mobile studio but I am using our travel time to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Changing Places

I'm making some changes.

My son is in the marketing business and is distressed that his Mom doesn't have a web page.  While blogger is serving me well at this time, he wants to move me to Wordpress because it offers functionality that we 'might' need down the road.

So what have I done?  Since January I have be posting at

Like the cobbler's children and their lack of shoes, business comes first and the site is not fully functional at this time.  My galleries have yet to be built but the blog is current.

For most of the year I was also posting at

This blog focuses on our life 'on the road' in our RV.   Because we are staying north this winter, this site is dormant for a few months.

I really appreciate the comments from followers of this site and would love to have you 'come over' to my new site.