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Life and the creative process are about the journey, not the destination. I love working with colour and texture and can get totally 'lost' in the creative process. Variety keeps my creative juices flowing. We are currently traveling full time in a 40' motorhome and bouncing between visits with a son in Albuquerque NM and a son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Calgary AB. In between we are busy exploring this great continent on which we live. It's a challenge working from my mobile studio but I am using our travel time to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Joy of Networking

2008 Revisited: Retirement Angst
Check out the link to Quiltersmuse.com for a posting re one of my quilts with 'words' or writing on it (August 28th posting).  I have been catching up on past postings on the quiltart digest and noticed a call for ideas about how people use words on their work and thought of this piece '2008 Revisited: Retirement Angst'.  It hasn't been posted anywhere yet and this is just a teaser shot as I would like to exhibit it somewhere before I post the full piece.  In this piece I used both free motion stitching and the capability of my machine to program words. The piece comments on the drastic drop of the stockmarket in the year 2008 and some of my thoughts/turmoil about having been forced to reset my retirement plans to a date earlier than originally planned.  Any ideas regarding a show where this piece might be welcomed?

I'm working ahead on my Leah Day sample file and have completed the first 27 plus the 'basics' that Leah does not include in the series as she feels they are overworked.  More to come on this later.

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  1. WOw Di I had such fun reading your organization of your RV and the thoughts behind it all... it's quite a feat and now I can really imagine you searching for the specific bit of fabric or paint etc.. in other words imagine you at work.. Obviously you must have to be very diligent about putting things away too. I suppose this is why all your projects are so well thought out. I love the latest piece of a piece. it's interesting. Perhpas words printed with stamps might be a little more interesting for variety instead of machine sewn. but that's an artistic decision,,,or is it?