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Life and the creative process are about the journey, not the destination. I love working with colour and texture and can get totally 'lost' in the creative process. Variety keeps my creative juices flowing. We are currently traveling full time in a 40' motorhome and bouncing between visits with a son in Albuquerque NM and a son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Calgary AB. In between we are busy exploring this great continent on which we live. It's a challenge working from my mobile studio but I am using our travel time to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where did September Go and Art Under an October Sky

Fabric Drying in Southern Alberta breeze after preparation for painting
 I do have a lot of activities on the go - I just haven't blogged about them.  There is a smocked dress, a pair of socks, samples of free motion quilting based on Leah Day's work, a challenge piece posted to Dale Anne Potter's facebook fan page .....  All this and now I have my days to myself so there will be lots more.  Let's hope the weather continues to be fair!  The combines will run!!!!

A little personal update to explain that last comment.  My husband, a born farmer from the east, found himself a job last summer working on a harvest excursion crew that traveled from Oklahoma, through Kansas, Colorado and Montana and ended the season in Alberta, south of Lethbridge.  He enjoyed being back in fields so much that even a new granddaughter couldn't keep him off the big machines this fall.  We are back in the Lethbridge area while he runs a 'big red' that has replaced last years 'green machine'.  While he is gone, I can work on my art.  I've just completed my first fiberart piece in a long while - a response to a challenge from a Saskatchewan artist, Dale Anne Potter, who is learning the ropes in radio podcasts.  You can check out all the challenge pieces on her studio page on facebook.  Here is a peek at mine, inspired by a photo I took from my son's deck a week ago.  I'm calling it 'Alberta Gold'.

©2010 Diane Duncan, Alberta Gold.  Fibreart 12" X 16", fabric, batting, ink, quilted and hand drawn.
Today was one of those glorious fall days with warm temperatures and moderate breezes (for Lethbridge!).  I decided to make the most of it and spent the latter part of the day outside experimenting with paint on fabric.  I've decided to go through my stash and pick out the pieces that I am least likely to use as they are and see if I can do something with them that will be more appealing. 

One of the 'unfavorite' pieces I worked with

Another of the 'unfavorite' pieces
Today's effort may have been a 'win some lose some', but time will tell.  I washed all the fabrics using synthrapol to remove the sizing and just played.  I thought I took more pictures than I did but when they are heat-set I'll post more of the results.  Here is one shot of a before and after fabric.  The finished piece doesn't show well - I actually like the result!  I'll take a better shot of the finished piece and post it with the others tomorrow.

Before fabric (under) and strip of painted fabric (top)
The downside of my outdoor studio is the tidy-up at the end of the day.  I hope the weather holds as I could use a couple more days working outside.
A messy workspace at the end of the day!
Tonight's eastern sky was gorgeous and I happened to be at the computer so missed the sunset but caught the eastern reflection.  I love this big sky country!

The end of a wonderful October Day
  As for the other September activities, there will be more to come as those projects near completion. Today's playtime was more immediate and I wanted to share it today.


  1. Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

  2. i absolutely love the blue fabric with the gold flowers sewn in, it looks gorgeous, and so does the texture. i'm a painter/mix-media artist for the most part, my blog mostly has poetry right now though. But a friend of mine who i roomed with at the Maryland Institute College of Art is also an amazing textile artist. Her name is Alison Jean Worman and I thought I would let you know what her blog is, I think you'll like it: